September 13, 2009

State Fair, September 2009

Robert petting a goat at the petting zoo. While I was taking this picture, a deer was eating the back of my coat and scared the crap out of me.

Robert petting an alligator at the reptile exhibit.

Robert posing next to the GIANT watermelon!

More watermelon fun... (we also got watermelon tattoos)

Robert on his first fair ride. He cracks me up because he is so serious about driving that truck!!

Gary waiting in line to buy us all Dairy Wives ice cream. It's my favorite part of the fair!

While Dad was waiting for ice cream, Stephen slept. Poor little guy didn't even wake up to eat any!

Robert and his ice cream cone!!

Visiting the horsies before heading for home.

Jeep Ride!

Robert took his baby brother for a spin around the front yard in his jeep. Stephen talked to the truckers on the CB while Robert navigated obstacles in the yard. Such cute boys!!

Say "CHEESE"!!

Huckleberry pancakes!

The huckleberries were ripe at Trillium Lake, so we picked some and brought them home to make huckleberry pancakes for dinner. Robert ate THREE. And I'm pretty sure he could have eaten one more.... Even Stephen had one. Most of it ended up in his mouth, anyway. Only a few bits of pancake ended up in his hair.

Trillium Lake, August 2009

Am I really this far behind in my blogging? This was our last camping trip of the summer, to Trillium Lake on Mt. Hood. We all had colds and it was cold and rainy the first two days. But of course, on the last day we all felt better and the sun came out. We didn't catch any fish, but fishing was very difficult with boys in the boat. And for some reason, they weren't biting on Robert's play magnet fishing pole.

July 24, 2009

Beach Weekend with Friends!

Last weekend, we went camping with some good friends! We had fun catching up on life and reminiscing about the "good ol' days". We really missed having Crissy there, though. It was extremely windy, so we didn't spend as much time on the beach as we wanted to. But the boys and the dogs and everyone all had a good time!

July 9, 2009

Robert skates!

Here's Robert trying out his new skakes he got for his birthday! (Thanks, Auntie Kathy) He loves them, and so far no accidents.

June 28, 2009

Devil Horns in the bath!

Stephen's finally got enough hair for me to make devil horns!!

But, Robert didn't like them so he flattened them out.
Then, he decided to make his own horns. But these look a lot more like longhorns. :)